Maiden Edition of #HerVoice Campaign an Arts+Feminism launched

Women for sustainability Africa launched its maiden Edition of the #HerVoice Campaign an Arts+Feminism over the weekend at Elizas Resturant with the aim of empowering women from different field of works and establish the need for women to network with each other for sustainable growth.

Speakers for the event include Anita Ofori- Co founder of Women for Sustainability Africa, Maxwell Begamin- Climate Change and Young Green Entreprenuers Lead and Pamela Mantey- leadership pro.

Every lady left the meeting with the first skill of been a start lead on content on wikipedia with account created to fasten this initiative. With that said, according their area of interest , these young women will help develop content on sports, environmental stories, banking , personality profiles etc.

Of all the content on Wikipedia online only 2 percent is about Africa. Because we are not documenting. What is stopping us? We have to start now.

According to Maxwell Begamin, certain people have developed a mindest that ” Environmental sustainability is just for some people. Climate change has become the trend of now and its vulnerability affects all. Change in weather patterns, due to climate change is inevitable now . Its effects proceeds to the change of the ecosystems, which means there is going to be a lost of traditional pattern to the next generation. Example, speaking to your children about harmattan and they have no idea of what you are talking about” .

The Climate Guru explained that “Women are 14 times likely to die in a climate event- another scenario is cooking with fireword, diseases that come with the smoke that they inhale“.

As women, try to be abreast with findings in the society whether its rotates in your field or not. little of everything contributes a lot.

Women for sustainability Africa is focused on educational programs, research and  advocacy campaigns. the organization believes in  empowering women.  Most women do not have role model or mentors to help shape their lives in their way of profession with the necessary tools and equipment to build resilience vulnerability will be minimized. follow them on twitter @WOMEN FOR SUSTAINABILITY AFRICA

Women play a key role in sustainable development and withouth them its imposible at achieve it . This is to say if the women in the country decide not to work it will affect the economy drastically. Lets all help one way or the other to empower our sisters, daughters , wives and women in our work places to be the best of themselves.

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