"Empowering women is not just a step towards sustainability; it's the mighty leap that can change the world."

At Women for Sustainability Africa

We believe in the transformative power of women to shape a sustainable future. We are a dynamic community of women from across the continent and the diaspora, dedicated to fostering positive change through environmental sustainability, Social impact, Digital and economic empowerment. Explore our website and join us in our mission to create a brighter and more sustainable Africa.

Dear Queen/King, we are inviting you to become part of something bigger! Come join our movement where women from diverse backgrounds unite, sharing knowledge and collaborating for a sustainable future. 

As we strive to create a more equal world, we extend a warm invitation to individuals with special needs or expertise in disabilities to join our community. Your unique perspectives and skills are invaluable in contributing to our shared goal of equality in all its forms.Together, we wield the power to make a significant impact on the world’s most pressing sustainability issues. Your contribution matters.

Join us in this empowering journey for a better, more sustainable world!

Contribute your time and skills to our ongoing projects and initiatives.

why w4s Africa?

Advancing women’s human rights and capacity-building are key levers of change.

Women’s organizing is key – Women’s capacity to speak, innovate, and lead is a driver for sustainable change and is the reason why W4S Africa acts as a bridge builder.

Through advocacy and action, W4S Africa connects and facilitates spaces for women’s organizations; governments; and intergovernmental organizations, including the United Nations, to ensure that women’s human rights are at the heart of global and national policies.

As trainers and movement builders, we deliver leadership development and technical advocacy skills to ensure that women are empowered as decision-makers. Together, our actions will amplify the voices of women, tackle unjust systems, and propel the change we embody.


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Irene Manlenze Humanitarian | Women & youth leadership

Today was such an awesome one as the Women For Sustainability Africa training at the university of professional studies was a huge success. We got to learn so many awesome things about Wikimedia and wikimedia commons. 

Wiki women in Red - Bridging the gender content gap. So glad to have been a part of this experience

Aminatu Musah Certified Career Coach

Excited to share that I had the incredible opportunity to attend the Wikimedia training and mentorship session this Saturday! Special thanks to Wiki Women In Red & Women For Sustainability Africa for making this possible and fostering an inclusive environment for learning and collaboration.

During the training, I gained valuable insights into the world of Wikimedia, honed my editing skills, and discovered effective ways to contribute to the vast pool of knowledge available online. The mentorship aspect was particularly enriching, providing guidance and support that will undoubtedly elevate my contributions in the future.

Empowered by the knowledge gained, I'm eager to continue making meaningful contributions to open knowledge and building a more inclusive digital space. Grateful for the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and contribute to the Wikimedia movement!

Rachael Social Media Manager

Joining W4S Africa has made me understand the agenda (sustainable lifestyles).

Prior to being part of this group, I didn't understand it, though I've been seeing/ hearing about it. Now I see what I'm doing to promote it, what I can do to help promote it. I'm even taking a course with United Nations System Staff College to acquire more knowledge.

Joe Student / Photographer

I am happy to share my experience during the Entrepreneurship Skills training organised by the SRC Women's Commissioner of University of Professional Studies, Accra in partnership with Women For Sustainability Africa on the theme "Empowering the Youth, fostering Innovation. 

Under the skilled guidance, I learned to use the Wikimedia Foundation tools to create projects and upload images.  As a photographer, the hands on training helped me to share my creative work on Wikimedia commons emphasising on the importance of using technology for sustainability. 

I left the training Empowered and ready to make impact by creating memorable stories and share transformational visuals.  Thank you Nihad Oases for organising this training and inviting me to participate.  A big thank you to Women For Sustainability Africa for the skill training. I am great for enrolling me on the He-for-she project.

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